The Postal Service released its first quarter financial results today, and despite what you may hear in the news, the results demonstrate strong financial performance during the first quarter of FY 2015.

USPS started off its financial year with a handful of clear successes, including growth in operating revenue, letter mail revenue, and shipping and package volume and revenue.

This follows strong growth in key areas in FY 2013 and FY 2014.

Revenue for the first quarter of 2015 increased year-on-year by 4.3, and the Postal Service once again saw an operating profit. And like always, it achieved all of this without any taxpayer dollars to fund operations!

E-commerce from holiday shopping proved to be a key driver of success this quarter as shipping and package volume grew 12.8 percent year-over-year. This helped USPS grow shipping and package revenue by 10.5 percent. Letter mail revenue also grew impressively, with Standard Mail revenue increasing by 7.6 percent and First-Class Mail posting a 3.7 percent increase.

Because an unnecessary Congressional mandate continues to drag the Postal Service down, the media will likely paint a less optimistic view. But in reality, financial results continue to demonstrate that the Postal Service is strong and growing. Proposals like the recent 2016 White House budget that focus on cutting services like Saturday and door-to-door delivery are stuck in the past. Instead of weakening the Postal Service’s network and hurting its customers through service cuts, we need forward-looking postal reform from Congress.

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